Huge Sale on Pets This Weekend

Jun 5, 2020, 12:05:00 AM
We're holding a sale on a huge variety of pets with more than a hundred microtransactions available at a discount. Now is the perfect time to enlarge your collection with a furious Dragon Hunter Pet and Nine-Tailed Fox or fun Vanguard Owl and Corsair Monkey. Click here to check out the full selection. Keep an eye out for more exciting Harvest teasers this weekend! Read More.

Path of Exile: Harvest FAQ

Jun 4, 2020, 8:59:50 PM
Earlier this week, we announced Path of Exile: Harvest which is set to launch on June 19. In this league, you'll assist Oshabi as she explores the mysterious powers of the Sacred Grove. Plant seeds, encourage their growth, harvest the monsters within and use their Lifeforce as a powerful crafting resource. The community had lots of questions about how the garden works, so we've gathered many of them in one location for you to check out. Read More.

New Brand Gems and Brand Changes in Path of Exile: Harvest

Jun 3, 2020, 8:44:07 PM
In Path of Exile: Harvest, we're introducing several new Brand skills and one Brand support gem. We've also reworked existing Brands and reviewed how their mechanics work. Today's news covers what changes to expect and provides a preview of the new Brand gems. Read More.
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Black and White Dragon Pet Buy
Black and White Dragon Pet discounted to 235 Points
Ends in 3 days
Infernal Fox Pet Buy
Infernal Fox Pet discounted to 140 Points
Ends in 3 days
Madcap Hypnotic Toad Pet Buy
Madcap Hypnotic Toad Pet discounted to 20 Points
Ends in 3 days